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Contact: Jon Silpayamanant                                                                         
Tel: 502/759-6717
Email: silpayamanant@gmail.com


at the "Cocoanut Grove" hosted by Phil Kellar
Sunday, 2 August 2009
9 p.m., $5, 21+
The Historic Melody Inn
3826 North Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN
Local and regional artists, il Troubadore and Raks Makam, sponsor a celebration of Persian music and dance and fundraiser for Iranian Human Rights organizations at An Evening of Persian Lounge and Dance.
The first part of the evening includes music made famous to Persians worldwide by Googoosh, Hayedeh, Dariush, Divan Derderian and other pre-revolutionary pop stars and will be performed by il Troubadore. 
"A number of the Persian artists fled to the United States after the Iranian Revolution and have pursued modest performing careers in North America," said il Troubadore cellist, Jon Silpayamanant.  "A few have died in the states without ever having revisited or performed again in their homelands.  This is just one small way we can share with audiences the culture that some of those US citizens brought here with them but were never able to bring back."
Louisville based Raks Makam will make a special appearance to perform traditional Persian dance and daf improv during the show.  
The second half of the evening will feature il Troubadore performing lounge favorites from Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Turkey as well as tunes made famous by legendary crooners: Alfred Apaka, Edith Piaff, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. 
Taletha al Badr of Raks Makam and Persian dancer, Laila Rahmatian, will provide dance during the music throughout the evening.
Portions of the proceeds from this concert will go to Child Foundation (http://www.childfoundation.org/) and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (http://www.iranhumanrights.org/).
il Troubadore is Indianapolis' premiere world music ensemble.  Formed in 2004 il Troubadore has a repertoire from over 60 countries and sings in three dozen languages.  Founding members are Robert Bruce Scott, a classically trained vocalist plays mandolin, and Jon Silpayamanant who exercises his classical-training on the cello and also contributes to the singing.  Accompanying them will be accompanied by special guest, Dave Hergert, on the Egyptian tabla and Indian mridangam.
Raks Makam is based in Louisville, Kentucky.  Jon Silpayamanant sings and performs an array of musical instruments found along the Silk Road such as doira, erhu and daf.  Taletha al Badr has been performing dance from the Middle East and Central Asia since 2004.


For additional information please call: Mr. Jon Silpayamanant at (502) 759-6717 or Mr. Phil Kellar at (317) 525-8069

Laylia dancing to il Troubadore's rendition of Yosef Hadar and Moshe Dor's tune "Erev Shel Shoshanim" at the Middle Eastern Mayhem IV in Muncie, IN (July 18, 2009).

Guest of honor was Leila Gamal.  Video by Jenny Smithson.

Ball State Univeristy Ballroom in the Student Center
2001 West University Drive
Muncie, IN

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