il Troubadore's "Black Cauldron" CD to be released at Con Nooga 2010

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Tracklisting and credits

01 Black Cauldren © 2003, Robert Bruce Scott
02 Klingon Aria © 1993, Jay Chattaway, Brannon Braga
03 Robot Merlin © 2005, Robert Bruce Scott
04 Sons of the Thunder God © 1996, Robert Bruce Scott
05 Bonnie Rose © 2001, Robert Bruce Scott
06 Abraham © 2002, Robert Bruce Scott
07 be' joy' Lukasa © 2010, Jon Silpayamanant
08 Sands © 2005, Robert Bruce Scott, Jon Silpayamanant
09 Moonsong © 2004, Robert Bruce Scott, Jon Silpayamanant
10 Yub Nub © 1984 John & Joshua Williams

all rights reserved

to be released at Con Nooga 2010, Chattanooga's multi-genre convention.

Black Cauldron Final Draft WEB.png
For more info, please visit one of the following links:

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